Frequently Asked Questions

What is the objective of our performance(s)?
Our performances are designed to surprise, engage, and entertain the youth in the audience, and open their minds to the underlying content of our presentation.  The use of (our Happiness is NOW) dancers provide examples of young adults, whose love for dance has helped them achieve both academic and professional success.

What is the message of our group and our presentation?
Our message is geared around the “Happiness Formula”: Passion —-> Happiness —–> Success.
We believe it is important for youth to pursue activities they are naturally passionate about. Engaging in these activities, (both curricular and extracurricular) will bring about their happiness, and ultimately lead to success.

Encouraging these pursuits builds self-esteem, and motivates students to achieve in every aspect of their lives, socially and academically.

What is the goal for what students will leave with?
Our goal is for every student to leave the presentation feeling inspired to pursue their passions, and succeed in school.
It is our goal to instill in them the knowledge that there is a CLEAR connection between extracurricular activities like music/art/sports, and curricular activities, particularly Mathematics and English.

We also hope they leave the presentation knowing that improvement in one area can lead to achievement in another.